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Champion Motivation Letter for Scholarship or Admission Applications

The letter of motivation written for the purpose of admission or scholarship applications is defined as an formal document of reasoning behind making decision to chose a specific course for studying in specific University. It also sheds light on applicant’s abilities, academics, work experience and interests towards the selected course, university, and country.

If you are planning to apply for scholarships any time soon, it is certain that you must have come across all the different kinds of documents by now.

Even though all these documents contain different content, their main target is the same; to help you win a scholarship. But looking at it the critical and professional way, it can be said that some of the documents required for scholarship applications are more important than the others.

One such document that can act as a direct path for you to win that scholarship opportunity is a motivation letter for scholarship.

What is a motivation letter for scholarship:-

I am sure most of you must be familiar with what a motivation letter for scholarship means.

So, we will spare a few sentences in defining it to those who are new to the term and then move on to the actual theme.

A motivation letter is a formal letter which serves as an introduction of the potential candidates to the scholarship awarding panel.

It contains such information which depicts the candidate’s suitability for the particular scholarship award. In terms of format and content, a motivation letter resembles a cover letter.

What are the Objectives of a Motivation Letter?

The main objective of a motivation letter is to convince the reviewing panel why the candidate under scrutiny is suitable for the particular scholarship program, and admission into a specific course.

Moreover, it acts as the first formal introduction of the candidate to the reviewing authorities and summarizes all the information that has been given in other documents.

Contents of a Motivation Letter for Scholarship:-

A motivation letter for scholarship is that document which can make or break the impact of a scholarship application. For this purpose, it is necessary that it is created with a purpose; that is, to leave an impact on the authorities.

Following are the two main contents which are to be included in a motivation letter for scholarship:

  • Why you are a deserving candidate for the scholarship
  • What you intend to do after acquiring the scholarship
  • What makes your application stand out from the rest of the candidates.

The reviewing panel makes their final decisions based on the above mentioned data. So, if you want to make it to the list of finalized award holders, make sure that these two points in your motivation letter are impactful.

Format for Motivation Letter for Scholarship:-

There are two main formats in which a motivation letter for scholarships can be structured. They are:

  • Classic format of drafting a motivation letter for scholarships:-

In this approach, the letter is divided into three distinct parts; the introduction, body and the conclusion.

This method is suitable for those who want to mention their credentials in a story-like form. Hence, by following this format, you will be able to include your data without breaking the flow.

  • Modern format of drafting a motivation letter for scholarships:-

The modern format also contains an intro, a body and a conclusion. The only difference is that in the modern approach, the body is subdivided into small paragraphs, each highlighting a different aspect of the candidate’s credentials.

Analysis of the different formats for preparing a motivation letter for scholarship:-

Out of the above mentioned two formats for preparing a motivation letter for scholarships, the modern method is considered more suitable as the division of the main body into 4-5 small paragraphs makes it easy to read at a glance.

Standard length of a motivation letter for scholarships:-

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the length of a motivation letter for scholarships. However, experts suggest that the document should not be too lengthy as it would not attract the reviewing authorities, who already have thousands of applications to scrutinize.

Thus, it is suggested that all the details be briefly stated in 500 to a max of 1000 words in letter of motivation. While highlighting the most important details in bold.

Tips to Write an impactful Motivation Letter for Scholarships:-

Now, as promised, here are some of our top tips which can help you make your motivation letter stand out from others’.

  • Prove your worth:-

While drafting your motivation letter for scholarship, remember to draw a clear line between begging and proving your worth.

Show to the reviewing authorities why you are a better candidate for the scholarship by highlighting your previous achievements and using logical argumentation’s.

  • Depict professionalism:-

Show through your choice of words that you are a sensible candidate who knows where the scholarship is going to lead him in life.

Avoid the usage of slang in your letter as they ruin the charm of the document.

  • Be specific:-

Even if you have no previous achievements related to the degree program that you are applying to, display how you contribute to the industry if granted the scholarship.

  • Highlight information in a chronological order:-

Mention your achievements in a sequential order, the latest coming at the top.

  • Recheck your document:-

Proofread and recheck your documents before submitting to avoid any unwanted typos and grammatical errors.

Final wordings:-

Found this content useful?

Now comes the time for you to start preparing your motivation letter for scholarships. Good luck with your applications.

If there are some doubts regarding the preparation of your motivation letter for scholarships, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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